Ayondo – Video by UKspreadbetting

Ayondo was designed to be a copy trading platform developed by traders for other traders. Getting started in Ayondo is extremely simple. You just need few seconds to open a demo free account and you can start analyzing the performances and trades made by others in real-time. A demo account offers you the possibility to create up to 5 trades with which you can make simulations and decide whether you want to continue to a live account.

Ayondo is divided into 2 parts, each of them offering a different perspective on trading. The first one is the highly intuitive platform called TradeHub which allows users to operate through CFDs (Contracts For Difference) on a large number of instruments such as: currencies, precious metal, indexes, interest rates, bonds or individual company shares.

The second part, which can also be tested from your demo account for 21 days, is Copy Trading. Here, you can follow in a simple and intuitive way the signals made available by the 1500 “Top Traders”, as Ayondo calls its signal providers. What is extremely important to know is that you can choose only 5 from these 1500 top traders and include them in your portfolio. Afterwards, the capital will be divided automatically between the traders you have chosen and you are not given any possibility to intervene in this operation. However, you can change and adjust, according to your experience, the leverage to replicate every Top Trader signal included in your list.

If you do not know what trader to follow, Ayondo offers you an extremely advanced search tool giving you various criteria such as: performance, number of followers, max drawdown or ratio win trade. Unlike other copy trading platforms, with Ayondo you can also copy other followers.

On top of that, you can try to become a „Top Trader” yourself and thus make some extra money. What is both interesting and playful is that while trying to become a „Top Trader” you will pass through 5 classification levels, each marked with a different color. You will start from „Street Trader” with minimum 15 operations in 30 days, and end with the maximum level called „Institutional” meaning you have reached the performance to complete at least 150 operations in one year and you had at least one transaction per month. As you can imagine, your earnings will increase together with your ranking, making Ayondo compensation system one of the best in the industry.

If you are convinced and Ayondo is going to be your choice for copy trading, you can open an account with minimum 100 USD, EUR or GBP. In addition, Ayondo has its own broker integrated, therefore you do not need to rely on another external broker. In terms of the social component, it is not much developed,  making Ayondo one of the simplest copy trading platforms, but offering lots of other advantages instead.



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