Copyop – Video by Copy Trader En Forex Y Binarias

Copyop is one of the most innovative copy trading platforms, offering its users binary trading options. The purpose of the platform is to make copy trading easier than it has ever been, allowing you to copy and be copied or just to observe and be notified when a trader takes any action.

First and foremost, in order to start using Copyop you need to register your account. In this case, you have 2 options; you can either register directly on Copyop or on any option website, but there is no demo available. You can choose to open your account in USD, EUR, GBP, you need to know that when you have chosen your currency, you will not be able to change it in the future. If you want just to observe how the platform works and what type of traders you can follow, you are not requested to deposit any minimum amount.

Once you have created your account you can start copying any trader that operates on Copyop or any option, but you will have a limit of 100 copiers. Even if you are just copying, others can also copy you. If you haven’t decided who to copy, you can just “watch” other traders and you will be notified in real-time of their actions. On the other hand, if you decide to copy someone you can establish some parameters first: how much money you want to invest per trade, how many trades to follow and what assets to copy. In case your copied trade was successful, you will receive 60% profit, while if it failed, Copyop will give you a refund of 15%.

If you are not very experienced, Copyop will help you with its “Hot List” from where you can choose the best traders and the best copiers over various intervals of time. If you want to know more details about a binary trader, by accessing his profile you will be able to analyze their percentage of losers vs winners the number of followers, most successfully traded asset, average trades per day, best winning streak or his last 120 trades breakdown.

In addition, if you make the right choices and you become a successful trader, others can copy you and you will get extra benefits from this part as well. As a reward for being a successful Copyop trader you will receive Copyop coins which afterwards will be converted into real money, thus making binary copy trading even more interesting. Once you have started making your first money, you can withdraw your money without any problem as there is no minimal withdrawal amount.

Their social interface is extremely simple in order to make it easy to use for both professionals and beginners. You can also connect with your Facebook account and like this you will link with other friends from your network also using Copyop.


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