FX Blue Personal Trade Copier for MT4 – Video by 5SS Trading Services

Personal Trade Copier was designed by FX Blue to duplicate trades between minimum two copies of MT4 which are running on the computer at the same time. The process is very easy as the users just need to place trades in MT4 copy and they will be instantly replicated in the other MT4 copy. This program allows duplications both manually and automatically.

In addition, traders can copy from various MT4 instances into one receiver, but the vice versa is also possible. The software is very trusted by users worldwide and it is used even by those who want to offset their liquidity and risk from one server to another. It comes with a complete and detailed user guide where all the features are explained making it easy to understand for almost everyone. With Personal Trade Copier you can adjust lot sizes, including risk-based adjustment.

However, it can copy orders only for specific symbols and with certain magic numbers. It only uses one magic number for all orders, permitting the results analysis of EA.  Moreover, it can be used to copy both manual and automated trading activity and send email alerts as well. Furthermore, it handles partial closes and has specific daily trading hours when the copier is allowed to trade.

Some other flaws identified by the users include delays during the copying process. Also, some identified that it sends information to FXblue servers without a prior notice. Another flaw was identified during live trades when the copier is set to Mirror SL/TP and the copied trades SL and/or TP are constantly changed or updated despite the fact that the source trades are not even changing.


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