Lite-Forex – Video by David Wills

LiteForex was launched in 2005 and since then prides itself being a safe, easy to use and accessible trading platform. They were the first broker to offer cent accounts service where traders could start their trading experience with just $1 initial deposit.

Getting started on LiteForex is extremely easy. Registration lasts for maximum 3 minutes and the low deposits required allow almost every interested trader to join. Once a trader has registered his account, he can choose from 145 trading tools created with the most advantageous margin trading conditions. For instance, traders can choose from a huge list of currency pairs and cross-rates, together with precious metals, CFDs (Contracts For Difference), indices, indexes, UKBrent and USCrude oil.

Traders who want to start trading with LiteForex can choose MetaTrader4 trading terminal which is considered by the vast majority of the traders to be the most stable and safest trading platform. Users can download for free the applications which were designed to be compatible with Android, iOS and other OS. If you are looking for something more updated, you can try MetaTrade5 and Sirix.

As a trading platform, Sirix is allowing traders to copy or follow other signal providers from any part of the world, thus helping them to enhance their portfolio and make wiser and more confident trading decisions. Because now customers have become more demanding and they cannot afford to lose time, LiteForex offers “One click trading” tool available for MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 helping them optimize their closings and open new positions faster.

Users who are not yet convinced about copy trading can open an account and invest just $1, in the beginning, creating the CENT account type. Accounts can be opened in various currencies like USD, EUR, RUB and CHF in case trading becomes an option for any user and wants to invest more, they can go for real accounts and choose from different methods of depositing such as the credit and debit card, bank wire, Liberty Reserve, MoneyBookers, Alert Pay, OK Pay. For withdrawals the same methods are available.

On top of that, traders also benefit from a range of tools. For instance, Claws and Horns tool helps them to build all types of analysis offering them unique reviews, solutions from experts and all sorts of analytical materials extremely helpful in trading. They can also use the trader’s calculator where they calculate their potential risks and profits, the cost of a point, and calculate their margin or they can analyze their trading history and download the reports as CSV files.

In terms of social trading, users can check each signal provider’s profitability, commission, and equity. Furthermore, they can see the number of traders following and have the option to follow these ones as well. The platform also offers the possibility to message a signal provider directly thus helping users to interact and share ideas.


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