Local Trade Copier – Video by Rimantas Petrauskas

Local Trade Copier offers the possibility for users to copy trade between different accounts, coming at the same time with a lot of advanced features, placing the software among the best ones on the market. It is easy to be personalized and configurated in order to respond to any trader’s needs. It was designed with lots of features that make copy trading easy for beginners, but reliable and secure for experts.

Serving more than 40 countries in the world at the moment, Local Trade Copier is considered one of the most useful tools available for traders who run multiple accounts. Furthermore, it supports both provider and receiver side, being designed to work with any type of broker and symbols. It also supports inverted copying and in the case of a shutdown, it has auto-recovery feature. It works perfectly either on a computer of VPS and supports MT4 or MT5 platforms.

On top of that, Local Trade Copier has an excellent support team, answering to the traders’ questions extremely fast. All the trades and modifications applied by the traders are replicated instantly, in a secure and accurate manner. For those who think that such a good program is difficult to install, you have to know that it has a very easy installation offering super fast and precise copying.

However, users sometimes complain that it is not the best program in copying scalping trades. Also, some beginners still find it difficult to use. Moreover, it does not support remote copying and it does not have available the feature to send a signal alert.


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