Meta Trader 5 – Video by MetaQuotes Official MetaTrader Platforms

Meta Trader 5 is one of the latest tools created to allow users to analyse price dynamics and initiate them in the automated trading programs. The software was created as an all-in-one tool and combines the most useful features traders would need for successful copy trading. It also integrates features like market analysis, trading, and automated trading, thus taking copy trading to a new level.

It is mainly addressing to professional traders who are interested in copy trading stocks, futures, options, and forex but are at the same time looking for a historical and accurate data solution. One of Meta Trader 5 major benefits is that it does not limit users to tables, market indicators or graphs. Actually, it offers a completely different experience allowing them to create their own indicators. As it is indicated mainly for experts, they can create their own “Expert Advisors” robots which can be used in almost any trading strategy they want to implement.

Even though it is more flexible, Meta Trader 5 is considered too complex for some users. In addition, the size of charting was reduced, creating some dissatisfactions among traders. For those who already created previous versions of “Expert Advisors” robots, it does not support them. Therefore, traders have to create new ones. Definitely, for beginners, it will be more difficult to use as you need to have a minimum knowledge of programming.  On the other hand, if you are an expert you will have infinite mobility with Meta Trader 5 as it can be installed on any mobile device, being compatible with iOS and Android.


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