Trade360 – Video by Forexey

Trade360 comes to the market with an innovative method of copy trading called Crowd Trading. Even though it is mentioned that this type of trading is different, Crowd Trading is actually a form of copy trading but in this case, you do not follow signal providers individually, but you take your investment decisions based on the actions of a crowd. Practically, you do not follow individuals, but you follow crowds. Therefore, according to Trade360 researchers, when decisions are taken based on what the crowd did, the results are more accurate and better.

When signing up on the platform it is not necessary to risk real money from the beginning. At the account opening, you will receive $10,000 virtually with which you can test trading on Trade360. For trading, the platform offers a set of tools and a very easy to use interface. The trends in trading are clear and visible as they are listed on the screen in real time. In addition, using an encrypted technology, traders are assured that all their transactions are secured. On top of that, they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices bringing trading on the move an additional feature.

In terms of social trading, it offers the possibility to sign-up using your Facebook and Google+ accounts. However, this is the only social network integration that they offer at the moment. Since they are offering a new concept, copy trading does not function according to the standards we got used to. Instead of automated copy trades, traders can use the Stop Loss feature which protects their trades in case their decisions become less profitable. Also, there is another option, Take Profit, which enables you to close a trade in case you reached a profit limit that you set.

The minimum deposit requested when opening an account is incredibly low at just $25. This makes the platform extremely affordable if we compare it with other copy trading sites. When funding your account you will be able to choose from various methods such as pre-paid cards, eWallet, Bank transfer, and credit or debit cards. When you decide which method you will use for funding your account, you will have to use the same method for withdrawal. As an exception, if you used credit cards, you will be able to withdraw the equal amount to the initial deposit and the difference will be deposited using bank wire. In addition, the withdrawals are processed within 24 hours and the money will enter into your account in 3 days on average, depending on the type of payment method you have selected.

All in all, Trade360 comes with a new vibe for the copy trading market making decisions simpler and safer. It is perfect for novices who can learn like this the secrets of copy trading before venturing on other platforms where they will follow individuals instead of crowds.


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